A new front door can dramatically change the look of your home.
The front door is usually one of the first things people see. Replacing your exterior door will add curb appeal and give you a new sense of pride in your home, while increasing its value.

Over time, old doors can develop cracks and can go out of square because of years of expansion and contraction and the settling and movement of the house. This can cause air leakage which effects heat and air conditioning loss resulting in higher energy bills. Also,  being around a door that is drafty can be quite uncomfortable. A significant benefit of a professionally installed and tight fitting door solves that problem and will make living in your home more comfortable.

After we have installed new doors, many times we have been told by our customers that they were pleasantly surprised that the installation of the new door reduced outside noise.

An interesting fact is that 90% of real estate agents feel a buyer’s first impression of the front entry was important to their ability to sell a home.

Basically there are two types of door installations: replacement and new construction. When you do a new door replacement, you leave the wood jamb/framing in place and just replace the door.

New construction is when you replace the door and also install a new wood jamb/frame. The decision to do a new door replacement or new construction depends on the condition of your existing door jamb/frame. Even if the existing door jamb/frame can be used, some customers prefer to replace the door with a new jamb/frame and all new molding. 

Exterior doors come in a wide array of styles. There is always a style to match your home or change the look of your home. You can go from very simple to ornate. No glass to beautiful decorative glass. There is always a style for your budget.

We offer exterior doors in steel and fiberglass. Both steel and fiberglass come in smooth and textured finish: factory painted or wood grain finish. There are also a variety of hardware styles and finishes from which to choose.

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