As you can see from our soffit & fascia photo gallery below, we can create or extend soffits. Many homeowners whose homes do not have existing soffits believe soffits enhance the look of the home. We also rebuild damaged soffit and fascia.

Other names for soffit and fascia are trim work and overhangs. When you do the siding, the soffit and fascia are also covered. You can choose the same colors as the siding of the house or you can contrast the color of the soffit and fascia to coordinate with the siding, the capping of the windows and doors, and the gutters. Sometimes the most difficult part for the homeowner when installing new siding, capping, trim work and gutters is picking the colors.

Choosing colors is extremely important. There are some people who know exactly what colors they want and other people are not sure what colors to choose. When we have customers that are not sure about the colors we strongly suggest that they spend time with our color samples and go through a process of elimination until they have two or three sets of colors that they like. When they finally decide on the color combination they would like to see on their home they are always satisfied with the results. This makes them happy and it also makes us happy. If you are going to invest money in your home you want to make sure you are completely happy with the outcome.

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